Volunteering in Nepal

in building orphanages, homes and School.


We are building school for poor children living in Dung Dunge which is south of the Ilam town and four hour walk from nearby southern Town of Surung in Jhapa.

Why we need School? 

We need school to educate children so that they can live life easier. Children in Dung Dunge are suffering so much as they go to School near by for which they have to cross the River and walk for two hours. When children of age of 5 and 6 returns home from the school they are exhausted, tired and hungry. Their books are wet in river as they cross. Usually in summer only means to cross the river is to use wheel’s tube filled with air. If we build school in the village, children won’t have to walk two hour. We can save them from being tired, exhausted and hungry.

Where is Dung Dunge?

Dung dunge is small village or 36 houses surrounded by river in the north and east and by jungle in the south and west. This village can be reach through walking three hour from nearest tourist spot called Domukha. Dung Dunge has no electricity and thus they can’t use television or computer. There is no market where they can sale their product. There is no road going there and coming out. Only the way to reach there is to climb up the mountain in summer. In winter we can follow the river to get to the village. There is no school, no health post.

How you can help? 

You can help this school by donating fund to help them get brick, stone, wood, roof, cement, solar power and computer and whatever a computer need. You can make donation by wiring fund to this account.

Himalayan Bank Limited. Patan Branch
P. O. Box: 20551, Pulchowk, Laitpur, Nepal
Telex: 2789 HIBA NP, Fax: 977-15535554 Tel: 977-15535556, 15535579, 15524393
Account No: 00601121520013

Or you can use western union to send fund for this school, write to us at reubenrita @yahoo.com

Looking forward to seeing you.