Volunteering in Nepal

in building orphanages, homes and School.


People have many different types of view and ideas about Church Planting. Church Planting for us is to form a group of new disciples, regularly meet them in certain place for teaching, praying and how to live a Christian life. But in our experience as a minister we have felt, that church for us is, the need of common place where everyone is welcomed. Especially in context of social discrimination and untouchable system, we need church that is mutual place for everyone. When husband or wife is believer and either one do not accept Christians in home that time you should have common place, when gathering place is too small for everyone to keep, in this situation you need building or some bigger place where high cast and low cast together can sit together and enjoy service.Nepal

We focus on people rather then place and we meet anywhere. We go to a house in village and pray for the sick. Some people like this and some do not. But the numbers of new converts are increasing every week. Small numbers of disciple are double in a few months to a group of believers.

We need place where people can come together and worship the Lord.

Why do we plant church?

We plant Churches because it is the central part of God’s mission: We believe that church planting is central to world mission. It is a New Testament strategy. The church is a company of people who love Jesus and are filled with the Holy Spirit, is God’s master plan for demonstrating His grace and power and wisdom to the world.

We plant Churches because of the Need: There are spiritually lost people all around us who need to know Jesus. Only the church has the good news of God’s love in Christ which they desperately need. Each locality deserves to see radical Spirit-filled churches, and Christians living out the gospel among them.

We plant Churches because of our Mission: We have been given a Great Commission to ‘go’ and we believe church planting is one of the most effective ways of fulfilling this command. We cannot wait for the world to come to the church. We can take church to the people by pioneering new groups and planting new churches.

County Church seeks to establish strong harmonious relationships with other Christian Churches in the area. It’s not our intention to attract people who are already committed members of other churches; our priority is to join with other Christian groups and strengthen current strategies for demonstrating the love of Jesus to the communities in which we live.