Volunteering in Nepal

in building orphanages, homes and School.


FAQ in Volunteering in Nepal

  1. Can you tell us briefly about Church in Nepal?

    Volunteering in Nepal in Church in Nepal is the ministry activities and reports of Pastor Reuben Rai and 40 other Church leaders across Nepal.

  2. When was this opportunity started?

    It was started in 2008.

  3. What are the projects?

    Church building, Orphanage building and School building. 

  4. What are other ministries you have?


    1. Bible Distribution Ministry
    2. Translation Works
    3. Sports Ministry
    4. Bible School
    5. Evangelism
    6. Church Planting
    7. Film Show Ministry (Jesus Film)
    8. Volunteer Opportunities
    9. Home Stay
    10. Disadvantaged Children Assistance Program
    11. Pastors Support


  5. Who supports you?

    Friends from Nepal and abroad freely and voluntarily supports this ministry without puting any term and condition.

  6. Are you under any mission agency or denomination?

    No. We are not. But we have partner that do not interfere our efforts and endeavor.

  7. Do you have other website also?

  8. If we ever come to Nepal, would you host us?

    Yes, just give us your time schedule and we will be happy to accept you in Nepal.

  9. How can we donate if we want to?

    Ways to donate, (please ask before you do)


    1. Use bank account to wire money (ask)
    2. Moneygram
    3. Use Paypal
  10. Can you use shoes and cloth if we send them to you?

    Yes we can use shoes and cloths and give to needy people around Nepal.

  11. Can we send Bibles?

    Yes you can send Bibles and books for us, You can send them here,


    Rita Rai, 


    GPO 2623


    Kathmandu Nepal

  12. How can we read your reports?

    Its very easy, go here, Blog Wordpress

  13. We did not see your statement of faith?

    We do not have because we respect all the Christian denomination, organization and ministries.

  14. Do you have short videos?


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